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Frequently Asked Questions

Which file types do you accept?

We accept most file types including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, PDF, native Gerber Art Definition (GAD), and native Flexi Sign (FS) files. Resolution and other file requirements depend on the project, so please call us for specific file needs — 517-372-1825.

Do you have an FTP site?

We do offer convenient file transfer options, but they vary depending on the size of the file and the type of project. Please contact us and we’ll set you up with the easiest file transfer method for your job — 517-372-1825.

What are the differences between yard, real estate and sidewalk signs?


We offer four types of yard/sidewalk signs:

  • Corrugated plastic yard signs — these are inexpensive plastic signs that are quickly produced in quantities from 1-10,000. They are typically 24″ x 18″ with wire stakes (light, medium or heavy duty weight). Frequently used for political campaigns, neighborhood yard sales, etc. Best for quick production times and shorter duration of use.
  • Real estate signs and frames — a longer lasting option than the corrugated plastic signs, these are made from a durable aluminum (.032″ or .040″ thickness) and placed in a sturdy, black iron frame. Typical uses include apartments or homes for sale/rent, or contractor/builder advertisements.
  • Metal A-frame signs — frequently seen on sidewalks, these durable steel frames are used to hold sturdy signs that are removed from a site when not in use. Typical uses include retail shops, storefronts and areas that see heavy foot traffic.
  • Signicade® — a plastic version of the A-frame, these signs allow for interchangeable plastic signs to be inserted on each side of the frame. These signs can be filled with stand to withstand windy conditions. Typical uses include directional signage for events and at parking lots.
What options do you offer for signs on the exterior of a building?

The three primary signs we produce for exterior walls include:

  • Flat, non-lit exterior wall signs — intended for long-term, exterior use, these signs are made out of a rigid substrate, usually an aluminum composite panel or a sign-grade plywood. These are an affordable option and best for locations that are lit or only used during daytime hours.
  • Lighted wall cabinet signs — built from an extruded aluminum box, these durable signs allow for a translucent sign face to slide in and out. The interior is wired with LED lights to illuminate the translucent graphics. The face can be a flat piece of polycarbonate or a pan face (a curved/extruded piece with a flat flange around all sides for installation — this gives the face extra strength to resist bowing or flexing). A pan face is recommended for signs with large faces (anything longer than 8 ft.).
  • Lighted channel letters — channel letters are individual, 3D letters constructed from formed aluminum and acrylic. They are typically made from .060″ thick aluminum sheets, bent to shape in a forming machine. The shaped aluminum then has acrylic faces adhered to it using a plastic/aluminum composite trim. The letters are wired for LED inside each individual shape/letter.  The letters can be mounted on an aluminum box, called a raceway, or individually mounted (flush mount) depending on the size of the shapes/letters.
What are the differences between RTA colored cut vinyl, RTA printed contour cut vinyl, and RTA printed rectangular vinyl?

RTA stands for ‘Ready To Apply’ and refers to a number of different vinyl graphic products that can be applied to windows, doors, vehicles, rigid boards and some walls. Typically, letters or graphics are cut out of vinyl which can then be applied, by the customer or by Discount One Hour Signs, to the desired substrate.

  • RTA colored cut vinyl — the letters or graphics are contour cut out of colored vinyl (white is the most popular) for application to a window or other substrate. The individual letters and shapes must be carefully applied to the substrate and the waste material is discarded. Typical applications include office doors, vehicles, and windows.
  • RTA printed contour cut vinyl — the letters or graphics are printed onto vinyl, then contour cut for application. Like above, the individual letters and shapes must be carefully applied to the substrate while the waste material is discarded. Typical applications include office windows and doors, vehicles, and presentation boards.
  • RTA printed rectangular vinyl — the graphics are printed onto a rectangular piece of vinyl for application. Application is easier for rectangular vinyl as individual letters and shapes aren’t involved in the application process (it’s essentially a large sticker).
How quickly can you complete my job?

Many projects can be completed in three days after proof approval. These include yard signs, banners and many types of parking signs. We are equipped to handle rush orders and can often turn projects around in 24 hours or less. We also keep certain types of parking and traffic control signs in stock, and can have them ready in one hour or less.

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